Mask Exploration


Behind the Mask: A Portrait of Stephanie Campbell from Emily Narrow on Vimeo.

Stephanie Campbell (MFA  Acting/Directing, University of  Arizona) is  an international Mask Methods specialist. An actress, stage director and improvisational comedy artist, she is also a theater professor at Montana  State University. She  has researched uses and application of mask work worldwide and offers an easily understood process of Character Creation through her MASK EXPLORATION WORKSHOP SERIES. Each specially designed workshop is crafted to stimulate the imagination, exercise the mind/body/impulse connection, and develop trust and risk taking.  Using 30 specially crafted character masks representing  an entire range of emotions, participants learn to develop their ability to  make intuitive physical, emotional and spiritual choices appropriate for their creations of fully realized and multi-faceted characters. Actors and non-actors alike can benefit from the MASK EXPLORATION WORKSHOP series.

MASKS, with their multitude of transformative properties, embody endless possibilities for Character Creation.  Within  any one of Stephanie’s MASK EXPLORATION WORKSHOPS, the energetic process  begins with the simple act of choosing and donning a mask and continues with a  series of detailed exploratory exercises for full Character Creation.

Although the process was primarily first designed for actors and students in actor training programs, it is are equally as applicable for teacher training, non-actor groups involved with Community Groups, and for those seeking the  benefits of Drama Therapy, Psychodrama, or mutual aid/self help  group exploration.

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